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The client: ceshex

Client’s request: get the maximum number of clients for cryptocurrency exchanges from the UK and the US

What has been done: first off all, we have developed a landing page with 3 questions:

1. Is this your first time buying cryptocurrency? Buttons: Yes / No

2. How much do you want to multiply your deposit? Buttons: x3, x4, x10

3. Are you ready to increase your assets? Button: YES. After clicking the button, the client switched to the cryptocurrency exchange site.


We used Company Targeting and an extensive list of blockchain companies. So we’ve covered the maximum number of users directly dealing with cryptocurrencies.

Final results:

  • Clicks — 880
  • Leads — 239
  • Total number of currency exchanges — 150
  • Goal Convertion Rate — 17,05%

The main goal was achieved, and many of the new clients became regulars.

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