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The client:

Client’s request: increase brand awareness, get maximum leads, remarketing

What has been done: since advertising rules for cryptocurrwmcies have tightened and continue to tighten every year, we have to test a few tactics to pass moderation. Thanks to our experienced team, it took only seven days.

Upon the client’s request, all advertising campaigns were divided into two parts — the English-speaking countries and the Portuguese-speaking countries.

To increase brand awareness, we launched an advertising campaign in Display Network with combined targeting on a list of keywords provided by the client and with impressions on the websites of the following topics:

In this way, we identified people who are interested in cryptocurrencies and who overlapped with the subject of the client’s project.

With A/B tests, we raised the CTR of responsive display ads above 9% and the CPC has dropped to R$0.09

For search campaigns, we used both expanded text ads and responsive search ads. This, along with A/B tests, allowed us to achieve high CTR and low CPC.

Final results:

  • Clicks — 504 604
  • Leads — 12 576
  • Transactions — 90

Total ROI for this service got 106%.

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